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Between the Noise is a weekly newsletter sent every Monday right into your inbox. Internet is an ocean of content & we get lost in between the noise to find quality signals. This newsletter explores best of the contents (articles, books, podcasts, twitter) I found for that week. I’d summarize the best of the ideas from these contents & present to you in as short as possible.

About Abhay

I am Abhay Jani, an engineer at Shell. I started this newsletter to provide my audience best-of-the-best contents out there on the internet hidden under the mountains of noise. I consume a lot of content every week & try to deliver some of the gems I found through this newsletter.

I’m passionate about startups, business, Digital Marketing, mediation, reading & exploring ideas. I graduated as a Petroleum Engineer in 2017 & worked at Tech Mahindra before joining Shell.

Drop me Hi @ abhayjani96@gmail.com, I’d love to hear from you. :)

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